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Roles & Capabilities with Gravity Forms & WordPress

Managing user roles & capabilities in WordPress can be frustrating, especially if you want to assign specific permissions to just a role or user.

I came across a situation today where we wanted to allow WordPress Authors the ability to view and edit entries from the Gravity Forms plugin. The Gravity Forms plugin is a supurb plugin for WordPress that allows you to … Read more »

CSS3 PIE: A Web Designers New Best Friend

CSS3 is a very exciting stage for anyone in the web design industry as it adds some new crazy-powerful styling features to your web design toolkit. In a nut shell, CSS3 PIE makes properties such as border-radius, box-shadow, border-image, multiple background images, linear-gradient as background image display correctly in Internet Explorer web browsers.

PIE stands for Progressive Internet Explorer. It is an IE attached behavior … Read more »

Adding a Facebook “Like” Button to your WordPress Website

Facebook has released their new “Like Button” (or “Recommend Button” if you prefer) that you can easily add your WordPress posts and pages. Once added, your visitors are able to “Like” your post or page which is then updated into their Recent Activity stream on Facebook – I’m not aware of any plugin’s that do this yet, however it’s a really simple procedure … Read more »

Logorama – A Short Film Made From Logo’s

It’s Friday and what better way to end the week than with a funny, outstanding, world-class short film animation titled Logorama, directed by French animation collective H5 (François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy & Ludovic Houplain)

Set in California, Logorama makes Logo’s come to life and features some spectacular car chases, an intense hostage crisis, wild animals rampaging through the city and even more! The … Read more »

How to remove the “Page Title” from your WordPress Homepage

A common question people ask when designing a WordPress theme is “How to remove/hide the “Page Title” on my homepage?”. This is often asked in situations where a static page is being used for the Home Page. The following is three four easy methods you can use to solve this problem:

1) Hide the Page Title with CSS

This is the most common method I … Read more »

8 Bit Pixels Invasion of New York City

“Pixels”, a short film that shows New York City being invaded by 8 bit creatures from popular 1980’s video games (including Donkey Kong, Tetris and Space Invaders) has been created by Patrick Jean from Onemoreproductions, and WOW is it good. It has also gone incredibly viral; over 1 million views within the first 24hrs!

Pixels is creative, well executed and just beautiful to … Read more »

Our Postal Address Has A New Home

If you didn’t know, earlier this year we moved offices and as a result we now have a new postal address! Please forgot the old one (if you didn’t know we had a postal address, even better!) as any mail sent to it will (probably) be lost forever.

Please update your records with:

Creative World
PO BOX 2223
Toowong Business Centre, 4066
Queensland, Australia

* Feel free to send us … Read more »


So it certainly seems that HTML5 is starting to take centre stage as its popularity goes from strength to strength. More and more I’m hearing of websites developed in HTML5, but is it really the future of web design? And are we ready for it?

Semantically, it’s a Winner

HTML5 is being sold mainly for its new semantic abilities, and I have to agree it’s great … Read more »

Adding HTML5 tags to Dreamweaver CS4

At last night’s Brisbane Web Design meetup, Carolyn King (@cazazz) mentioned how current versions of Dreamweaver don’t recognize the new HTML5 tags (ie, <header>, <article>, <aside>, <footer> etc.) and she asked if it’s possible to add support for it some how…

Here’s how:

Start Dreamweaver and go to Edit > Tag Library Editor
Click on the plus “+” icon and select … Read more »

Twitter in Plain English

There’s been a lot of buzz twittering about Twitter lately, especially since it went gang-busters in 2009. Despite all this noise, there are still people that don’t understand what this “Twitter” stuff is about. Enter Twitter in Plain English – probably the best video that explains this social media phenomenon:


Since the making of this video, Twitter has further evolved. Why not check it … Read more »